Teacher Letters will be mailed out today Aug. 11, 2017
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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

This is a ‘general’ supply list.  Your placement letter will have a teacher specific supply list which may contain a couple of other items. 

  • 12 glue sticks

  • A box of sharpened​ pencil​s

  • A “supplies box” for desk 8inches x 5inches

  • Art smock ( adult t-shirt or button up with child’s name on it in a ziploc gallon bag

  • Headphones​ or ear buds ​for chrome book and ipad use.  

  • 2 containers of baby wipes

  • 1 box of quart size ziploc or 1 box of gallon size ziplock bags

  • 1 box of tissues

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