2017-18 School year Letter from the Principal, Robin Goeler
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Friday, July 21, 2017


July 28, 2017

To MTM parents and guardians:

I am very excited to begin a new chapter in my career as a principal of Mary T Murphy school. I would like to welcome our faculty and staff, and all of our students and their parents to what promises to be a great school year. As always our faculty and staff at Mary T. Murphy School are looking forward to working with you to ensure a successful school year for your child.   Below I’ve included general information that will help with your planning for the start of school. Our website is also a wonderful resource for information about Murphy School, including the Branford Elementary School Handbook. Our website address is http://www.murphyelementary.org/


THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL (School Calendar Enclosed)

    Monday, August 28, 2017

    School hours are from 8:55 A.M. to 3:25 P.M.

    Students should arrive no earlier than 8:40 A.M. and are tardy after 8:55 A.M.



    Begins at 3:25 P.M.

    For your child’s safety and to minimize any disruption of classroom instruction, students will report to the cafeteria and be released to a parent for dismissal. 

    Parents picking up children will need to sign them out in the cafeteria and send a note to the teacher. 

    It should only be under extreme circumstances that students need an early pick up prior to 3:25.



    Please encourage your child(ren) to ride the bus beginning the first day of school. This will assist in getting everyone into a regular routine and help facilitate independence.

    The bus transportation route is enclosed. The bus company,  First Student, phone number is 203-488-6186.



Robin Goeler





In order to ensure a safe arrival for the students, families and staff of Mary T. Murphy school, we are reminding everyone of the drop-off and arrival procedures.  The “Kiss and Go” policy will begin the 1st day of school.


     The building opens at 8:40. 

     Students cannot be dropped off prior to 8:40. 

     If your child is taking the bus and the bus arrives before 8:40, the bus driver will not release them until exactly 8:40. 

     If you drop your child off, they cannot be left alone prior to 8:40.  Even if it is only a few minutes before, you must remain with your child.  If you are here prior to 8:40 you must park in a parking space. The drop off lane is for drop off only.

     Children will be escorted into the building by the assigned staff.  We ask that parents refrain from walking into the building during arrival.  If you have an appointment, you need to report to the main office.

Drop Off Lane

     Please do not park in drop off lane. We will be placing traffic cones in these spots between 8:15-8:40.  Once the cones are lifted parents will be allowed to drop off their children.

     Staff has been assigned to be “Curbside Greeters.”  The “Curbside Greeters” welcome the children, help children out of the car and monitor the children on the sidewalk.

     When dropping off your child make sure they are in the back seat (on the passenger side if possible) so he/she can exit the vehicle on the sidewalk.

     Please adhere to a “kiss and go” policy.  Parents should remain in the car and children need to be able to exit the vehicle independently.  If you child requires your assistance, you must find a parking space.

     If you would like to walk your child to the main door you must find a parking space.

SACC students

     If your child goes to SACC in the morning, you can park in the drop off lanes until 8:15.  Any time after 8:15, you have to park and walk your child into the program.

     All SACC families should enter in the cafeteria door.


We appreciate your patience and cooperation with adhering to the guidelines.  Traffic and arrival has been much smoother and more importantly much safer.




Information about MTM Food Services


    Lunch  and breakfast will be served starting on the first day of school.

    Your child can bring breakfast or lunch or purchase breakfast or lunch.

    School lunch will cost $ 3.00 and breakfast is $1.75 (subject to change).

    You can establish your student’s lunch account online at www.myschoolbucks.com


    Chartwell, the school food service provider’s, phone number is 203-315-6741 or email  Mr. Montes with questions at julio.montes@compass-usa.com

    To receive breakfast or lunch on a “free” or “reduced” fee you must  submit a form every year to establish if you qualify.

    You should have received a mailing from BPS central office with all the ‘free’ or ‘reduced’ fee applications.  Applications need to be completed EVERY year.  Families do not automatically qualify for free and reduced purchases.  An application must be completed and processed in order for the free and reduced status to begin or continue.


    If there were any outstanding balances, it can be paid on your child’s “myschoolbucks” account.  You may also send in a check.

    Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their child.  Parents must sign in at the main office before entering the cafeteria.

    If your child has a food allergy be sure to notify your child’s teacher, the school nurse and the front office. 

    Each classroom has a snack time at some point during the day.  The snacks should be healthy and easy for your child to eat. 

    Breakfast is also available for free, reduced or full purchase.  Breakfast is in the classroom from 8:40-8:55.

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