What a Math and Science Night… it turned out to be!
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Thinking the Night Away!!
Thinking the Night Away!!
Here's what some parents wrote!

What a Night…it turned out to be!  Here are few parent thank you’s….

“ We had so much fun. It was very special to me to spend the time with my son and enjoy the evening. Murphy has the best staff.”    writes Toni Bunnell

“I just wanted to tell you just how much Luke and I enjoyed Math and Science night! I can completely appreciate the amount of work that went into making tonight such a fun success! Every single child and parent were engaged and inquisitive. There were so many wonderful activities to choose from! All of the staff members were so hands-on and encouraging throughout each of the activities that we visited. We got to experience Duct Tape Boats, Popsicle Stick Bridges, two of the Estimation Jars, Jet Toy Cars, the Big Bad Wolf, and Paper Airplanes and we loved them all! As Luke and I were walking to our car at the end of the event, he said, "I don't want to leave. I wish we could stay and do this all night! ………. 45 minutes after getting home from Murphy tonight as he continued to work on his Big Bad Wolf tested structure and his Popsicle stick bridge.Thank you to you and the Murphy staff for all of your hard work and dedication. Our children are very fortunate to have you all!”    wrote Kristina Torre

Murphy is truly fortunate to have such a dedicated Staff.  Thanks to all who made the night a success!


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